Modern Retreat

A minimalist approach that is inviting and connects the indoors with expansive outdoor living. The straight lines and thoughtful layout is softened with native grasses. Every plant utilized in this landscape is native and adaptive in Central Texas, and the grass in the backyard provides a lush green centerpiece. The array of plant materials elevates the elegance of a simple design.

Contemporary Native
The architecture of these homes are geometric and hover over the hills of Lakeway in a very Texas tough landscape. The natural colors of concrete, steel, smooth stucco of the home combined with soft textures of grass that bend and flow give life to this contemporary residence.
Hill Country Home
This home sits on a large corner lot at the entry of a manicured neighborhood in West Austin. It was predominantly St. Augustine grass dotted with outstanding live oak trees. It now showcases a true Xeriscape conversion with only one patch of lawn in the back yard for a low maintenance, low water use landscape that draws a lot of attention. The flowering native perennials features liveliness and warmth to the brick home.
Mueller Renovations

These Mueller homes all started with Bermuda grass lawns irrigated with sprays. They are now low maintenance with converted drip irrigation systems, that showcase colorful, well thought out, inviting entryways into warm homes.

Eco Playscapes

Redesigning traditional play with Eco-Playscapes enriches children’s connection to the natural environment. The focus of these playscapes is to make the child the scientist by providing a laboratory of plants, bugs, textures, and aromas that create wonderment. Children learn to engage their creativity as they interact with their natural surroundings.

Commercial Installations

Yarrow meets a versatile set of commercial needs with creativity and a strict adherence to governmental and construction standards. Yarrow is HUB certified and has worked for numerous City projects such as the Austin Animal Shelter and The Fireman’s Memorial at the Texas State Capital as well as more creative endeavors for Hotel 11 and NEST Modern.


Yarrow takes that extra step to showcase the client’s design in 3D in order to better visualize the space and the terrain. The 3D design realistically conveys what the client’s landscape will look like at full maturity and how the sun and weather will affect it through the day.


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