The Yarrow herb contains powerful, antiseptic properties that have been utilized by ancient civilizations including the Greeks and in modern times for its natural ability to fight bacteria. The yarrow herb also acts as a sort of natural fertilizer and enhances the growth of the surrounding plants. We at Yarrow Landscaping embody the spirit of the yarrow herb by taking an earth-centric approach to our landscaping techniques. Although the herb was used by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago, our Yarrow-inspired designs are not Greek to us; they are tailored to serve Austin clients who refuse to harm the Earth.
Going green is not a movement; it is the natural condition of earth’s balance. The Earth is yearning to be healed and pampered, and we apply the soft, gentle touch with our landscaping services. Yarrow Landscaping aims to protect a natural future.

We are not creating new designs; we are restoring harmony to natural landscapes and applying the concept that retreating into nature is not a setback but truly an advancement. Yarrow Landscaping techniques employ the latest sustainability methods and show how your home can feel welcomed by nature’s invitation. If you feel our work is great, it is only because our natural canvas is the Greater Home—our Earth. Yes, Let’s Restore Nature’s Place at Home.


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